Future Plans

  1. Improvement of quality of Education

Up till now the focus has been on producing doctors with little emphasis on the training of paramedics and public health auxiliaries. However with the creation of PHSA the shift in the policy can be clearly observed.

The importance of quality education offered in our institutions can only be ensured by observance of the procedures framed by the Pakistan Nursing Council.

The students studying in our institutions are our first priority and their requirements in terms of imparting meritorious education and comfortable atmosphere must be our prime obligation.

In my opinion it is not the number of the human resource passing out annually, but it is the quality of knowledge, skills and their overall grooming which is to be attributed towards an improved health status of the mother and child.

If we look at the human resource deployment in our schools it will give us the opportunity to assess the level of quality teaching being imparted.

Going through the prevailing situation in our schools, it is necessary to make collective efforts to resolve the issues of imparting quality education and training to the potential Nurses / LHVs / Midwifes with regards to PNC criteria to minimize the gaps, putting into practice a quality program in the field.


  1. Teaching Cadre for the Nurses, LHVs and Paramedics
  2. Implementation of Notification
  3. Streamlining of the Institutions  specially School of Nursing
  4. Building of Post Graduate College of Paramedics
  5. Development of a Health Human Recourse Development Plan for KPK
  6. This includes the establishment of an HHR Database, Which is urgently needed for optimizing HHRD Planning.
  7. Degree Level Hospital Management Course:
  8. Course on Health Care Finance:
  9. Advance Management Course:
  10. PhD in Public Health: