Public Health Schools

There are four Public Health Schools in the Province offering a two year duration course for LHVs with 135 student’s enrollment per year at Public Health School Nishterabad, Public Health School Hayatabad at Peshawar, Public Health School Abbotabad and Public Health School DIKhan.

The LHVs after completion of their training is deployed in to the community both in public as well as private sector to serve their community through following interventions for improving the health of Pakistani women of childbearing age between 15-49 years and their children.

i.    Prophylaxis and treatment of anaemia.        ii..    Provision of ante natal care.
iii.    Prevention of Tetanus.                                    Iv.    Improve nutrition
v.    Supervised delivery                                           vi.    Birth spacing.
To become a qualified Lady Health Visitor (LHV), the trainee under take the following Pakistan Nursing Council’s (PNC’s) approved courses.

1.     Diploma Course in Midwifery        One year      Section-II       (Includes 12 weeks PTS course as section-I)
2.     Diplo<a in Public health                 One year      Section-III


1.    Public Health School, Nishterabad     >>>>>>>>>>>        60
2.    Public Health School, Hayatabad        >>>>>>>>>>>        25
3.    Public Health School, DIKhan              >>>>>>>>>>>        25
4.    Public Health School, Abbotbad          >>>>>>>>>>>        25  
Total:                                                                                                  135