PHS Hayatabad


BACKGROUND: The building of Public Health School Hayatabad was established in 1989 for the training of Female Health Technicians. Conversion to Public Health School and commencement of classes for Lady Health Visitors occurred in 1997. It is situated in Phase 5 Hayatabad.

BUILDING: The Public Health School Hayatabad building comprises of two classrooms, an auditorium and a library cum demonstration room for the students, office rooms for the Principal, Vice Principal, teaching staff and the clerical support staff. A Mother & Child Health Centre is situated within the premises of the school. Two hostels with a capacity for about 25 students each for non-local students also exist at the school.

RECOGNITION AND COURSES OFFERED: The school is recognized by the Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC) for education and training of Lady Health Visitors. Standard education and training is imparted on the PNC prescribed curriculum. On hand training and clinical skills are taught at Medical Teaching Institute Hayatabad Medical Complex and at the MCH Centre within the school. Conduction of examinations is under Nursing Examination Board Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, thus ensuring highest standards for the out-going students.

At Public Health School Hayatabad several batches of Community Midwives have also been trained under different projects like MNCH FATA and MERF etc. however these courses have been abandoned since 2018.

STANDARD OF TEACHING: The administrative control of PHS ultimately lies with Provincial Health Services Academy. Faculty placement is also under PHSA, thus well qualified faculty is ensured for training of students at the school. All contemporary ways and means are utilized for best possible teaching. Use is made of Multimedia, computers, mannequins during lectures and practical training at the hospital for training of students.


  1. Imparting standard training for Lady Health Visitor and Community Midwifery students thus contributing towards the reduction of gaps in trained health workforce population.
  2. Service to the community through its attached MCH Centre which has a catchment population of more than ten thousand comprising of areas like the Labor Colony, Benazir Colony, Musharaf Colony, PTV Colony, adjacent areas of Bara, Regi and Mulazai villages.